New Caledonia is an archipelago of the South Pacific Ocean, comprising the Grande Terre (400km long North/South and 50 km wide East/West), Loyalty Islands (Ouvea, Mare and Lifou) and the Isle of Pines. As from 2008 New Caledonia’s lagoon is included in the Unesco World Heritage: its coral barrier reef (1600Km) is the 2nd greatest in the world. With a marine park of 1.3 million km² in the Coral Sea it is the greatest protected Marine area of France. This French overseas territory is approx. 18000km away from Paris and a 3-hour flight from both Australia and New Zealand.

Entry Requirements & Visa

French citizens do not need a VISA to enter New Caledonia; a passport valid at least 6 months after their departure will be sufficient. European Union passport holders and citizens from the European economic area or from Switzerland do not need a visa to enter New Caledonia for a stay less than 3 months. A return flight ticket might be requested to be shown at Customs.


Local currency in New Caledonia is the Pacific Franc (XPF) that has a flat exchange rate vs. Euro (1€=119.33 XPF).
This currency is not commonly exchanged on the market so you cannot buy it when still in your country of origin.
Main credit cards are widely accepted throughout the country; however, if planning to travel with cash we suggest you to change it upon your arrival at La Tontouta international airport.

Time Difference

Standard time in New Caledonia is GMT/UTC +11. There is no change to daylight saving time in summertime.


Exactly like continental France, New Caledonia is a right-driving country. French or European driving license are sufficient for car-hire in the country. There are no motorways/highways in New Caledonia but only secondary roads. This is the reason why we suggest driving only during daylight.


Voltage is 220V and plugs are the same used in Continental France.

Public Holidays

1st January / Easter Monday / 1st May / 8th May / Ascension Day / Whit Monday / 14th July / 15th August / 24th September / 1st November / 11th November / 25 December. School Summer holidays are from mid-December to mid-February.

Climate & Clothing

New Caledonia is also known as the Island of eternal Spring. There are basically two seasons: the hot one (October – April) and cold season (May – September). Rain season is mostly between January and March. Temperatures are very seldomly lower than 20°C. You will need to pack your Summer clothes if travelling during the hot season adding something warmer if planning to travel during the cold season. Naturism or topless on beaches is strictly forbidden, even in the most touristic places.


French is the official spoken language throughout New Caledonia along side approx. 30 kanak languages. English is increasingly spoken in main hotels and locations.


The international dial code for New Caledonia is +687. The telco network is called Mobilis. You can buy pre-paid sim cards at the post office (OPT) or at gas stations. 3G is widely accessible and 4G is also available in some areas.


Wifi is available in main hotels and in some bars and restaurants.

Useful Contact Numbers

Emergency/NHS: 15
Coast guard and assistance: 16
Police: 17
Fire and rescue service: 18
Main hospital of Koutio/ Medical pole: +687.20.80.00
Clinic Kuindo Ile Nou Magnin of Noumea: +687.42.00.00

Local Customs – « La Coutume »

The word “coutume” – custom – is used to identify the whole system of rules, orally passed down, that rule either the everyday life either most important events of the community. All Kanak clans are territorial and therefore profoundly linked to a land or a part of a land. Everywhere across the kanak lands we are guests and when travelling outside the main touristic paths it is important to know and respect this peculiarity. Before entering the land of any tribes you are due to the “coutume ceremony”. You acknowledge your state of guest and your respect to kanak traditions by offering a little gift, a sarong, a few banknotes to the chief of the clan. Simplicity and sincerity are appreciated.

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